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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still repair electronics?

Unfortunately, we no longer repair electronics. We thank and appreciate all our electronic repair customers over the last 40 years, we were delighted to serve you. Due to a lack of regular demand for this service, however, we are unable to continue providing electronics repairs. 

Do you still install and service security cameras?

We no longer provide this service as we are dedicating 100% of our energies toward providing our fellow Islanders with the best internet connection at the best price.

Why should we sign up for Xplore internet through LP Internet Services rather than through Xplore themselves?

By signing up with us, you’ll get access to more deals and promotions. You’ll also get to speak directly to one of our knowledgeable in-house staff members. As fellow Islanders, our team is committed to making sure you get the package that best suits your needs. In other words, we won’t oversell you.  Best of all, by signing up through us you can get your internet install scheduled sooner AND avoid ever having to speak to a call centre agent!  

What if I’m having connectivity issues with my Xplore internet? Who do I call?

If you’re experiencing issues with your internet, we encourage you to call Xplore at 1-866-841-6001 to schedule a service call. We will troubleshoot your system and do everything we can to make sure your internet is working at its best.  

If you are still dissatisfied, you can simply cancel and we will go remove the equipment. There are no costs or penalty fees associated with cancelling, because none of Xplore’s packages are contract-based.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my current package?

No worries, just call Xplore at 1-866-841-6001 to request a package upgrade or downgrade. The change will come into effect immediately, no service call required.

What if I want to convert to a newer, faster internet technology now available in my area?

Simply give Xplore a call at 1-866-841-6001 and ask for a product conversion. They will schedule a service call with you for us to go complete that conversion for you as soon as possible.


Why is my 4G LTE service not as good as when I first got it?

This can happen over time with certain internet technologies. In the case of 4G LTE, there are a certain amount of towers with attached panels throughout the Island that provides the signal that the radio antenna on your house uses.  

Over time, more and more people are using the service on any specific tower panel. If the panel becomes too full, the internet for some of the people using that panel can suffer. At this point, a stop-sell is implemented on that panel so that no new customers can be activated on it. 

The good news is that Xplore is now providing 5G and Fibre Internet, and many current 4G users are being offloaded from 4G panels as they opt into 5G or Fibre internet. This helps improve everybody’s internet connection in the process.

Going forward, Xplore can now provide a reliable internet product for any Islander living in areas previously considered Internet signal deserts, whether that product is Satellite, 4G, 5G, or Fibre.

Why doesn’t Xplore focus on providing Internet in cities such as Summerside, Charlottetown, Stratford, etc.?

Xplore’s brand statement is as follows: Canada’s Fibre and 5G Broadband Company for Rural Living. This brand statement speaks to the customers they want to serve, which is rural Canadians. Being a business that lives in rural PEI, LP Internet Services proudly stands behind continuing to serve our fellow rural Islanders with the best possible service and care.

Xplore has recognized this large swath of underserved Canadians and stands out from the other big players in focusing on this previously ignored population. Importantly, this does not mean city-dwellers can’t enjoy Xplore Internet (they definitely can!), it simply means that Xplore’s mission and resources are focused primarily on serving rural regions of PEI and rural Canada.

Will my monthly bill increase after the first 12 months?

If you received promotional pricing for the first 12 months of your internet service, then your monthly bill will increase to regular pricing after 12 months. It will increase by the amount of the monthly discount you received. Notably, however, at the end of 12 months, you can call Xplore and see what promotional packages they may have available at that point in time to potentially take advantage of another promotional deal. 

Currently, we are not aware of any plans to increase monthly fees for Xplore’s internet services. As a dealer, however, we cannot guarantee pricing.

One important thing to note, which cannot be said about the competition, is that since we began partnering with Xplore, we have not seen any monthly price increases for any of their internet products.

Do you provide home phone packages to bundle with your internet package?

Yes, Xplore does provide home phone packages to go along with their internet packages. The home phones are VoIP phones, which means that instead of operating through a conventional phone line, they operate using the internet through Xplore’s modem. Regular pricing for unlimited province-wide calling is $21.99/month, and $24.99/month for unlimited North American calling.

Please give us a call at (902) 854-2290 or send us an email at Contact@lpinternet.ca for more info about Xplore’s home phone packages.

Must I have Xplore’s internet in order to use their home phones?

Yes, in order to use an  Xplore’s home phone, it must go through Xplore’s internet connection.  

Do you provide home TV packages to bundle with your internet package?

Xplore does not provide TV packages with their internet.

When will I know if my home is eligible for a new internet product such as Fibre?

We recommend you follow our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LPInternetServices) where we regularly release news about product launches and updates on which new communities have access to Fibre internet. 

You can also email us Contact@lpinternet.ca or call us at (902) 854-2290 to find out which Internet products are currently available at your address. We’d be delighted to discuss your internet product options to make sure you get exactly what you need.

How can I access the provincial funding for the tower I need to get high-speed internet?

We can help you access the funding! We outline the process on our Xplore Internet page – it’s easy and we take care of every step along the way. Notably, your home’s location needs to be in a location that can currently only access 4G or 5G LTE products (and not Fibre internet). Plus, in order to qualify for the funding, the signal for Xplore’s 4G or 5G LTE internet must be too weak to connect at roof height and only strong enough at a height that requires a tower install. Simply call us at (902) 854-2290 or email us at Contact@lpinternet.ca and we’ll get the ball rolling!

If there is an issue with my tower, should I call you or Xplore?

If your tower is broken, loose, or has any other hardware issue, please give us a call at (902) 854-2290.  If the problem is related to an improper install on our part, we will repair it at no cost to you. If the issue is something that was out of our control (e.g. storm damage), we can complete the repairs and provide an estimate/quote before we start the work. 

Is LP Internet Services owned by Xplore?

No, we are not. LP Internet Services is an independent and locally-owned business that has been serving Islanders for over 40 years. You can learn more about who we are and our history here.

We have offered many electronic and technology services over the years, always with the goal of serving rural Islanders and offering an alternative to the ‘big guys’. Today, we are dedicated to helping rural Islanders connect with the rest of the world through high-speed internet.    

We believe that Xplore, which is headquartered in New Brunswick, shares the same commitment to serving rural Canadians, which is why we’ve partnered with them. We are the only full-service authorized dealer for Xplore internet on PEI and it is the sole focus of our business today. Our entire team is dedicated to connecting rural PEI to Xplore Internet. Providing you with the best internet technology at competitive prices, paired with good old-fashioned customer service from real people is our always our goal! 

Are your installers employed by Xplore?

Our installers are our employees. They are employed by us and represent both us and Xplore when providing our services. We believe that having in-house technicians makes for the best customer experience AND the best working conditions for our installers. They are well-trained and knowledgeable, and we ensure that they enjoy a competitive wage and many employee benefits. If you or someone you know is interested in working at LP Internet Services, please visit our Careers page here

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